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Eyelash Curler and Scissor Set

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Eyelash Curler with Matching Scissor Set

Tackle stray eyebrow hairs or trim your false lashes with our scissors. The tiny curved blade gives you perfect precision, and they fit easily into any makeup bag. 
Eyelash curler is great for giving you a beautiful natural curl to your lashes. 

Scissor directions:

  1. For brows: Use mini scissors to trim and shape brows as needed.
  2. For lashes: Cut lashes down to fit eye width using the mini scissors.

Eyelash Curler:

The must-have tool for the perfectly curled eyelash, our stylish eyelash curler can be used with false and natural lashes alike. It's super easy to use-  just clamp, squeeze and hold for a quick lift.



1. Grip your natural lashes between the eyelash curler and the pad.

2. Squeeze lashes with even pressure for a few seconds, repeat as needed.

3. For best results, use your favorite mascara to coat your natural lashes.

The Eyelash Curler and Scissor Set is a sensational customer favorite, and we hope you like it just as much.

Inventory Last Updated: Dec 03, 2021